Drivers prepare for first winter weather of season

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (November 20, 2015) - The first flakes of the season are poised to fall Saturday. As a result, thousands of drivers are preparing for what could be a slick day on our streets.

“The first thing I think of is not being able to get to get to work,” said one Marion County driver.

Drivers were concerned with the potential for the first snowfall of the season coming just in time to ruin weekend plans.

“I’m going home from school from Butler back to Michigan which is about a six hour drive from where I’m from so I’m just trying to time my driving so I’ll miss the snow,” said Butler student, Ashley Tomaszewski.

An early season soaking is set for Saturday, with rain, snow, and freezing temperatures all in store.

Tomaszewski has to head home to Michigan for Thanksgiving. She’ll also potentially be driving through the heart of the storm on her way.

“I’m kind of nervous but I’ve driven in the snow a lot so you just kind of have to bring back pumping the brakes and everything,” she said.

“We have our Snow Force on standby and in the event that we do see snowfall we will activate our drivers to go ahead and treat our streets as needed,” said Marion County DPW Spokesperson, Jennifer Hashem.

Marion County DPW was preparing their Snow Force Friday, placing 24 trucks on standby. Treating roadways Friday was not an option, with rain expected to wash away any pre-treatment.

“What we’re going to do is continue monitoring our streets the best we can and watch for that first snowfall,” said Hashem.

“We’re focused on Thanksgiving. Everyone’s focused on the holiday, there’s not too much talk about the weather,” said Pat Sullivan, owner of Sullivan Hardware Store on Keystone.

Sullivan with a wakeup call for consumers: snow season, has arrived.

“We carry a wide range of snow shovels, all different kinds of ice melt from little eight pounders to 50-80 pound bags,” he said.