Woman angry with mechanic after car breaks down again

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Car repairs can get costly, but one Indianapolis woman tells FOX59, she's out $300 for nothing.

Last week, Amber Allen and her husband went to AutoZone to have their 2001 Chevy Tahoe looked at. The service engine light was on.

While her husband was talking to an employee, she said another customer approached them and offered his services.

"This Mike Plunkett guy come up and said 'Hey. I'm a mechanic. I can get you right.'"

Allen said he took them outside where he checked their truck with his own diagnostic tool.

"He says, 'It's a pressure solenoid,'" she recalled. "'It'd be real cheap. I'll fix it for $300 bucks.'"

They hired Plunkett. But when they got their truck back, it broke down the same day.

Allen said she and her husband tried to get Plunkett to come back to look at the truck, but kept getting excuses: he was in class, or had an emergency and couldn't make it out.

FOX59 called up Plunkett and got his side of the story. He insisted he was not responsible for diagnosing the problem. According to him, he was asked to fix a certain part. Unfortunately, that wasn't the part that actually needed fixing. Plunkett believes he still deserves the $300 for doing the job he was asked to do.

"It did not fix their car but I did the labor and I paid for the parts," said Plunkett over the phone.

We asked him if his business, Signature Onsite Services, was registered with the State of Indiana, but Plunkett refused to answer.

The Secretary of State's office ran a check and could not find his business on their files.

Plunkett was more than willing, however, to share some good reviews of his work with us. Allen shared the bad ones she found online.

She's planning to take Plunkett to court; a place even he admits he's been taken to before and lost.

"What`s right is right and what he did was wrong," said Allen.