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Caught on camera: Indianapolis business hit by group of thieves at least 7 times

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 26 2015) -- Managers at one Indianapolis business say the only gift they want this holiday season is for a group of thieves to be put behind bars.

The salvage lot on the south side has been hit numerous times in the last couple of months by several suspects.

On at least seven different days, the suspects were caught on surveillance cameras breaking into the business.

The victims hope the most recent theft this week helps police get the crooks off the streets.

Carrying two car rims at a time, the suspects load wheels into the back of a pickup.

That scene that repeats itself for hours until the truck is filled with stolen parts.

“That’s literally how we survive here is the stuff that they’re stealing,” said the business manager Derrick Glass.

During the rim heist this week, the suspects cut large holes in the side of a storage building and smashed a glass window.

After spending several hours on the lot, the suspects drove away with thousands of dollars of the victims hard earned profits.

“It’s hard for salvage businesses to even keep running right now so if you have 8 to 10 thousand stolen, that is huge to us,” said Glass.

Glass, the manager at New Country Auto salvage, says the theft this week is just the latest in more than a half dozen recent break-ins.

“We try not to get too bummed out, but it’s hard,” said Glass. “They don’t care. They just keep coming back.”

Cameras also caught a group of suspects breaking into the business three weeks ago.

One of the men even appeared to have a notepad in his waist, possibly listing items to steal.

“We’re assuming he’s taking inventory and we know we’re not the only place that’s gotten hit,” said Glass.

After this week’s theft, police showed up and told the victims they think they’ve identified the suspects and are working to make the arrests.

They’re also trying to connect the suspects to several other recent thefts.

“We are going to catch these guys, but we need help. We’re not the only ones affected by this and we’re not the only ones frustrated by this,” said Glass.

Luckily, the suspects have not hurt anyone during any of the recent break-ins.

Anyone with information on the case can contact Crime Stoppers.

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