Fishers police investigating roadside assistance employee who flashed lights at driver

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UPDATE 6:56 p.m. – Fishers police now belive the individual was a roadside assistance employee who is allowed to have white flashing lights. Police will interview the employee to determine why the lights were flashed. Police do not believe there is an impersonator at this time.

Original story: 

FISHERS, Ind. (Dec. 3, 2015)—The Fishers Police Department is warning the public to be cautious of police impersonators after receiving a report of an incident on Interstate 69 Wednesday.

A woman reported she was driving northbound on I-69 between 96th and 116th streets, when she noticed a dark gray Chevrolet Impala following her. The woman said the Impala had flashing lights near the rear view mirror and in the front grill of the Impala.

The driver told police she switched lanes and the Impala followed her. She said she began to exit onto 116th Street but the Impala continued driving northbound on I-69.

Fishers Police Chief George Kehl stated Indiana police officers must either be marked police vehicles with dash or overhead red and blue lights or the officers must be wearing a distinctive uniform and badge.

Police urge drivers to do the following if they feel uncomfortable during a traffic stop:

1. Reduce their speed

2. Turn on hazard lights

3. Call 911 (Dispatch can verify if a police officer is attempting to stop you)

4. Stop in a well-lit, populated area

Anyone with information regarding the vehicle pictured above, contact police at 317-595-3300 or call 911.