Man’s surprise proposal includes traffic stop, mock arrest

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JOHNSTON, Iowa (Dec. 3, 2015) – An Iowa woman feared the worst when the police pulled her boyfriend over for speeding and then arrested him.

As it turned out, she had nothing to worry about because it was part of an elaborate proposal for the Thanksgiving holiday, according to WHO.

Jeff Schulte and his girlfriend were on their way to Thanksgiving dinner at her parents’ house when Johnston police officer Matt Chiles pulled them over for speeding. Chiles then told Jeff he had a warrant out for theft and pretended to handcuff and frisk him.

Chiles asked Jenna to get out of the car. Jeff dropped to one knee, brought out the engagement ring and proposed. Jenna’s horrified look quickly turned to surprise and joy before she said yes.

Jeff said he got the idea over the summer when Chiles pulled him over for speeding while he was on his way to meet Jenna’s parents for the first time. He asked the officer to conspire with him for the proposal, and Chiles agreed to do it.