Former Butler center Andrew Smith’s condition worsens, wife pleads for prayers

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Andrew Smith with wife Samantha

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (December 7, 2015) – Just two days after former Butler center Andrew Smith was discharged from the hospital following a bone marrow transplant, he was quickly readmitted. And his wife Samantha is pleading for prayers and support.

Samantha announced in a blog post Monday that the lymphoma Andrew was batting transformed into leukemia.

“Andrew’s disease has become extremely aggressive. It has transformed from a lymphoma into leukemia; this means it is no longer a targeted mass that we can treat, it is now running through the veins of his entire body in his blood. I won’t mince words; this is very, very bad news. We are worried. We are scared. We are devastated.

At this point, the transplant has failed. Essentially, this vicious disease has chewed up and spit out every single drug and treatment we have tried in the past two years like it was nothing. So, we potentially have one final treatment option left and that is a clinical study. Our incredible team of doctors is fighting endlessly on our behalf making phone calls to every potential institution that might have a trial for us to be a part of. But at the end of the day, we need a miracle.”

Samantha then pleads were her readers to pray for healing, strength, the perfect treatment option, wisdom, and perspective.

She writes, “We don’t know why this is happening and why this battle never seems to end for us, but we so deeply, deeply appreciate the outpour of love and prayers covering us.”

Andrew is a former academic All-American who played for Butler between the years 2009-2013. During his four-year career at Butler, he started 103 games and scored 1,147 points for the Bulldogs. He played a big part in helping Butler to a pair of national championship games in 2010 and 2011 along with an NCAA Tournament appearance in 2013.

Smith discovered that he had non-Hodgskins Lymphoma while he was playing basketball professionally in Lithuania. He has been home battling the disease since that time.