Proposal to increase Hogsett’s salary will be pulled

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joe hogsett

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 7, 2015)– The proposal to raise Mayor-Elect Joe Hogsett’s salary will soon be off the table.

Councilwoman Mary Moriarty Adams (D – District 17) says she will amend her proposal after hearing concerns from Mayor Ballard and Hogsett.

“I will be amending proposal 413 tomorrow on the floor of the committee hearing to take out that section that deals with an increase in salary for the position of Mayor,” Adams said.

The mayor’s salary is currently at $95,000.

The mayors of Gary and Carmel are paid more than $20,000 on top of what Mayor Ballard makes.

Councilors could still see a 44 percent raise in their salaries, their first raise since 2002. That topic will be discussed Tuesday evening.