Santa comforts boy who’s afraid his autism put him on the naughty list

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GRANDVILLE, MI (December 8, 2015) – A photo of a young boy with Santa is making its way around the internet.

Naomi Johnson told FOX2 that her son, Landon, is a silly, fun-loving little boy. He was born with autism, but like most all boys he loves Christmas – especially Santa!

Over the weekend, Naomi took her son to see Santa at a mall in Michigan.

“And he told me what he wanted for Christmas, and I told him I loved him and he was a good boy, and he walked out and his mother was waiting,” said Santa.

But as Landon was waiting with his mother as the pictures printed, Landon turned around and went back to speak with Santa again.

Santa told FOX2, “He came back and he said, ‘Santa,’ he says, ‘I’m autistic.”

It was something that Kris Kringle wasn’t expecting to hear that day, but it became a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Landon told Santa that he was worried his autism may have put him on the “naughty list.”

But Santa took Landon’s hands and told him, “It’s okay to be yourself, and you’ve been very good at doing just that.”

Naomi put a picture of Santa and Landon on Facebook along with a thank you to the mall. It has been shared over 30,000 times!

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