Company holds active shooter training for employees

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 15, 2015)-- Employees at Celadon received active shooter training Tuesday, as companies try to prepare their work forces for the worst, given the dramatic uptick in active shooter incidents in recent years.

“We have to look at things differently,” said Kevin Bandy, Security Manager, “We have to think about our safety in a different way.”

More than a dozen Celadon employees sat in on the training, a tough topic but a crucial conversation.

Kevin Bandy is security manager, but he’s also a reserve officer with IMPD, with a military and law enforcement background. He helped his coworkers see that anyone can become a victim of a mass shooter.

“They’re looking for soft targets, whether it be a corporation of any size, or the local mall. Those are all considered soft targets,” he said.

New hires in recent months get the training as part of their employee orientation, but older employees haven’t received it. Interest peaked because of active shooter incident, the most recent in San Bernadino, California, one now being investigated as an act of terrorism.

Even before that shooting, a group of pastors in Indianapolis met with the city’s Division of Homeland Security weeks ago. Their concerns are growing amid worries their congregations may be targeted.

Bandy said employees should always know the exits and see how they can escape. If they can’t, they should use what they have to defend themselves, even by hiding or playing dead.

“The things in the world are changing daily, and we cannot ignore it. We have to be proactive and go to work with it,” he said.

“I do think about it a lot on how you can get out, and I think this helped give me a few more ideas on what to do in that aspect,” said employee Stacey Clark.

Celadon representatives said there are plans to hold additional training sessions for more employees.

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