BBB says debt collection scam second most common in 2015

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Imagine getting a call from a total stranger who has your name, address, and social security number. Cameron Keefner said that happened to him when a company called GDS Solutions claimed to be a debt collection agency and threatened to sue him if he didn't pay.

"I was freaked out 'cause, well, I’ve had other relative that have I’ve heard that have had their identities stolen," said Keefner.

The company representative even threatened to call him at work.

The Better Business Bureau said this sounds like a debt collection scam which was the number two most common scam of 2015.

BBB President Tim Maniscalo said there are a lot of red flags you should look out for. For instance, a real debt collector is not allowed to call your employer.

"Anybody who is trying to coerce you, intimidate you, threaten you, that’s not how legitimate debt collectors work," explained Maniscalo.

If you think your social security number has been compromised, be sure to call the credit agencies and freeze your credit. Scammer can do a lot of damage and steal your identity if you don't.

"Yur social security number, a lot of times, is the one piece of information that is linked to so many other pieces of information," said Maniscalo. "If they have that and they can get maybe one other piece of information over here, another piece of information over there, start to piece that together, then your identity really becomes an open book.”

Keefner froze his credit. Even though his social security number is out there, he's glad he didn't hand over any money.

"I’m sure there are a lot of people that could be fooled by it."

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