Some Franklin Community High School parents say they were not alerted to threats

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FRANKLIN, Ind. (Dec. 18, 2015)-- Students and their parents filed into Franklin Community High School Friday. One by one, going back into the building they were forced to evacuate the day before when someone called in a bomb threat.

“We were in our gym taking our final and they told us to evacuate the gym and go into the auditorium to wait. After we were in the gym for about an hour and a half they told us to go to the buses and we could not get any of our stuff,” said student Adam Rippy.

It actually started Monday with threats written on a bathroom stall inside of the school where there was a message in the boys room with the words “shoot up the school”. On Wednesday, a similar message was found.

“It was a crude drawing of a gun and so there was no target or time identified. It was very vague,” says Franklin Police Chief Tim O’Sullivan.

Franklin Community High School says they sent out an email to parents addressing this threat Wednesday. But, FOX59 spoke with several parents who say they were never notified of these incidents.

“I was shocked, we did not even get the information until yesterday,” says parent Michael Rippey.

On Thursday, the third and most serious threat was reported. A caller said there was a homemade explosive device planted near the gym. A very serious situation that once again, several parents say there were not notified of.

“We did no know anything until after that phone call,” says Rippey.

The school says they posted the information on their website and had also sent out an email and phone alert.

“We are going to ensure that safety reigns supreme. But, when parents try to call when they hear something about what is going on at the school, that is not helping the situation. We will get information to them as quickly as possible,” says Superintendent of Franklin Community School Corporation David Clendening.

Fired up parents took to social media to vent their frustrations. They want to see the alert system improve.

“They really need to be a little more aware. More safety, more security, and maybe more police on the facility,” said one parent.

There is still an ongoing investigation into the bomb threat.

School officials say they will review their response to the threats and determine if they need to make any adjustments or improvements to their alert system.

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