“Your Town Friday” takes you to Stilesville!

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"Your Town Friday" heads to Stilesville this week.  You'll find the small Hendricks County town 35 miles southwest of downtown Indy.  If you're looking for a new style - Stilesville is the place to  be!

"It's kind of different all the time.  You don’t get bored and we enjoy being around people laughing and being a family together and doing what we do," said Karrie Poynter, owner of Showtime Family Hair Care and Nails.

Karrie Poynter and her small team have been cutting and styling together at Showtime Family Hair Care and Nails in Stilesville for the last 15 years.

"We are fun and entertaining.  We have a good time and we love our people like they are our family," said Karrie.

They do cuts, color, perms, styling, and nails for men, women and children inside of a historic Stilesville building.

"The building is actually over 100 years old.  It was 1894 when they started building it and this part of the building used to be a bank.  Right behind me was the bank vault and it's obviously still there so it's kind of cool there's some history with it," said Karrie.

Karrie says the atmosphere at her shop is different than what you’ll find at the chain haircutters or the more intimidating, pricey and trendy salons.

"We have more of a personal relationship with our clients and with each other.  We're kind of all like family and we all have done what we do for years.  A lot of places like that, people come and go pretty quickly, we're professional and good at what we do.  A lot of our clients say when they come in it's like coming in very much like home.  A lot of people know each other and they bring their family.  I have a friend that comes from West Virginia.  When she comes home she still gets her hair done.  She won't get it done in West Virginia.  I have a guy that drives out every two weeks from Greenwood.  He's actually my longest running client!  We actually have people that will just stop in and even if they don’t need their hair done, they’ll pop in and say Hey!  There's a lady that brought us two big plates full of cookies the other day, of course she was getting her hair done," said Karrie.

And you're bound to be hungry after being pampered at the salong right?  Head to Cornerstone Roadhouse!

"We have a lot of fun here.  The food is really really good, the beer is cold and we have great customers.  We're all just down home people, small town people," said Paralee Harper, manager of Cornerstone Roadhouse.

Cornerstone Roadhouse has been offering that small town home-style food for about the last decade inside of a historic building off US-40 in Stilesville.

"We home make most of our food.  We do breaded tenderloins, burgers, homemade onion rings, beer battered onion rings, homemade chips, potato salad and coleslaw.  We hand bread everything before we cook it," said Paralee.

Manager Paralee Harper says because the food is homemade, it takes a little longer to cook but it tastes a whole lot better and that’s why their customers keep coming back for more!

"We know a lot of the people here.  We have a lot of regulars.  We have really good customers.  There are some really good people out here," said Paralee.

Cornerstone also offers entertainment and adult beverages to wash it all down.

"We sell mostly beer here.  They're beer drinks out here but my bartenders are good with coming up with stuff.  Fridays are our busiest night because we have entertainment.  On Friday and Saturday also, either karaoke or people singing live," said Paralee.

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