200lb pig rescued from manhole

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Photo courtesy: CNN A 200 lb. pig trapped in a manhole was rescued Friday, December 18, 2015 in Atlanta, GA located near Agnes Jones Plaza.

Atlanta, GA (December 19, 2015) — A 200 lb. pig trapped in a manhole was rescued Friday.

The pig, named Rick “Bacon” Ross, has been in the hole since Wednesday.

The Atlanta Fire Department sent a crew of 16 people to pull Rick out.

Rick’s owner, Latoria Middleton, sat in the hole with him all morning.

Middleton told CBS46 that she’s had her 2-year-old potbellied pig since he was a week old and bottle fed him.

The fire department had to bring in special equipment to pull Rick out.

Once Rick was pulled out, he emitted squeals of joy from his gargantuan snout. 

Middleton was equally as excited.

“Thank you for real. I’m just so happy,” said Middleton. “It took me getting in there with him and not leaving until he got out.”

Middleton said she’s made calls to many different agencies since Thursday trying to get Rick out, but everyone told her they couldn’t help. It was until the media came out, she said, that the fire department came.

“Firefighters learn from every rescue or incident that they respond to. What I mean is, that tomorrow if there is another pig rescue, they will take what they learned from today and add or subtract to make a rescue more efficient, safer, etc…” said Atlanta Fire department Public Information Officer Cortez Stafford.

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