Violent Facebook threats aimed at students now have entire Plainfield community on edge

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PLAINFIELD, IND. – A series of violent cyber threats have shut down two schools, evacuated a mall, and have an entire community on edge. This after a subject sent graphic messages threatening very specific targets.

“I’m concerned; it is our lives at risk,” says Plainfield High School student Patrick Sanders.

The threats have been happening for three days, each post getting more vicious. Now, federal, state, and local authorities are involved in the cybercrime investigation…with the FBI taking the lead.

“Making threats to another individual or making threats to harm a group of individuals is a crime. It is a crime that police take very seriously,” says Indiana State Police Cpt. Chuck Cohen.

The most recent post happened late Friday night, threatening to kill everyone at The Shops at Perry Crossing at some point this weekend. Law enforcement evacuated the shops and movie theatre, but after bomb sniffing dogs inspected the entire mall no threats were found.  The mall reopened Saturday morning.

“The mall was receiving threats from the same suspect or suspects from the Plainfield High School threats earlier this week,” says Plainfield Police Cpt. Jill Lees.

The investigation actually began on Wednesday when authorities say this person threatened to blow up Plainfield and Danville High School mentioning graphic details of how they would do it, aiming many of the threats at a specific Plainfield student and anyone who knew her.

“That is really scary that somebody that goes to our school could be having these types of thoughts,” says Plainfield student Garrianna Lee.

After those threats surfaced, both Danville and Plainfield High School cancelled classes and after school activities on Thursday and Friday. Even after school was cancelled, the threats continued. The person posting that they would use Winter Break to plot their attack.

“He said that if they do not catch him, he is going to come back to school and I do not really feel safe at this point. I do not want to go back to school,” says Lee.

Authorities say they are doing everything they can to catch the person responsible. The community wants to know why police have not found them yet.

“It is kind of scary though because you do not know when he could actually do it. Or if it is just threats or if he is going to do it when we come back from school,” says Plainfield High School student Cameron Grider.

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