Indianapolis man robbed at gunpoint on west side while running errands for mother

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind (Dec. 22, 2015)- An Indianapolis man  was robbed at gunpoint on the west side as he ran errands for his elderly mother.

Eric Arnold took advantage of the unseasonably  warm weather and walked to a nearby store rather than drive. It was a decision that would end up costing him more than just the cash in his pockets.

"I was checking in on my mom and going to the store for her," said Arnold.

Arnold's walk to the store cost him about $75 and ended with a gun flashed in his face.

"He said, 'Give it up.'  And I said, 'Give what up?'  And he said, 'Give up your money,'" said Arnold.

Around 6:30 Monday night Arnold chose to hand  over the  money to the armed suspects.  They advised Arnold not to turn around as they ran away to a nearby apartment complex on the 7400 block of Rockville Road.

"He reached into his pocket, had a gun and said, 'It's going to go easy on you or hard on you... How do you want to do it?'" said Arnold.

Although he was shaken, Arnold was unharmed.  He went into a  convenience store that was located just feet from where he was robbed.

"He was very nervous and he wanted to drink water and he told me just got robbed.  Obviously, we feel nervous around here in the evening because we have been robbed three or four times " said Gurmeet Singh, the clerk who helped Arnold.

The staff next door at Rockville Liquors claims one of their employees was recently robbed at gunpoint in the same spot as Arnold.

"It frustrates me because I’m disabled and I’m working.  So why not get a job?  Why are you out here stealing from people who work for their money?" said Shannon Bryant, an employee of Rockville Liquors.

"I’ve needed help in the past and I would help anybody who asked but that’s just not the way to go about it," said Arnold.

If you have any information on the armed robbery you are asked to call police or Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.

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