Non-fatal shootings see dramatic increase in Indianapolis – more than 437 this year alone

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 22 2015) -- Violent crime is on the rise in Indianapolis.

Monday night and early Tuesday morning, three people were shot in the span of just a few hours and new numbers show a dramatic spike in the number of non-fatal shootings in the city this year.

One of the shootings took place near 19th and Park.

Walking down the sidewalk, 19-year-old Trevion Taylor fell victim to violence.

“As we kept walking, all I hear is, ‘Stop. Freeze.’ Then he shot once and hit me in my leg,” said Taylor, who suffered a broken bone in his ankle after being shot and barely escaped being hit a second time.

“I tried to run and I stumbled and he shot again.”

Just a few blocks away, in a separate unrelated crime, a 22-year-old was shot in the cheek at a gas station on College after meeting a suspect to sell a jacket he posted online.

Those crimes, along with a third shooting on the east side, all proved non-fatal.

As of this past weekend, there have been 437 non-fatal shootings in the city this year.

That is nearly a hundred more than the 350 shootings in 2014 and 345 the year before that.

The city’s public safety director thinks easy access to firearms is a big reason behind the spike.

“It is a first resort now to use a firearm rather than a last resort,” said Public Safety Director David Wantz.

Wantz cautions everyone that the crime numbers will not be quick and easy to around quickly.

“This is a long term kind of problem, that they have to do simple things like go out and vote, like go to neighborhood meetings, like do the kinds of crime watch things that have been done for years and years,” said Wantz.

As for Taylor, his wounds still wrapped and painful, the shooting served as a wake-up call for him and he hopes for an end to the near non-stop violence in the city.

“I’m telling you I ain’t never thought about me ever getting shot,” said Taylor. “It’s crazy cause there ain’t no telling who could be shot next.”

So far no one has been arrested for any of the three overnight shootings.

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