EF-1 Tornado touches down in Greenwood

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GREENWOOD, Ind. (December 23, 2015)- The National Weather Service confirms an EF-1 tornado tore through Greenwood.

Officials believe the Academy Animal Hospital was at the end of the tornado’s mile and half path

“It looks like Christmas trees there’s even insulation hanging from the high wires on the road,” explains Dr. David Morgan, at Academy Animal Hospital.

Pieces of insulation were all thrown all over the parking lot and some chunks were wrapped underneath cars.

The 85-95 mph winds lifted off part of the animal hospital’s roof.

“It was very scary,” explains Lora Civils, a veterinary assistant at Academy Animal Hospital.

Employees at the animal hospital were ready to take cover until they looked and saw someone that needed help.

“We saw a car that was rocking back and forth and it was a client of ours.  Rather than go to the basement we felt like we needed to help that client get inside,” explains Civils.

The winds were too powerful for those people to open the door but fortunately within seconds the storm was done.

Along the destruction path were smashed cars, uprooted trees, and shattered glass doors.

“I heard a rumbling and I said ‘everyone catch a bubble’ and when I say that that means everyone freeze, just freeze I have something important to say,” explains Dawn Harvey, a teacher at Rainbow Childcare Center.

Miss Dawn led her kids to the bathroom just to be safe.

“I said ‘God, please,’ I didn’t even know there was a tornado coming I just knew it was bad weather, I said ‘please protect the kids, the school and the teachers,’” explains Harvey.

First responders went door to door checking on homeowners.  At last check there were no reports of any injuries, including no animals were hurt at the animal hospital.


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