Noblesville tornado caught on camera

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind (Dec. 24, 2015)- Instead of spending time with family and relaxing at home, some Noblesville families are still picking up the pieces from the powerful tornadoes that ripped through Wednesday afternoon.

"It was literally a sunny day one second and the next total devastation," said Sharon Graham, a Noblesville resident impacted by the tornado.

Graham was working in her basement when the storms rolled through.  The tornado was quick, but her high definition cameras caught it all on camera.

"The 200 pound umbrellas just tore apart like toothpicks," said Graham.

Her patio furniture set didn't stand a chance and the video shows a trash can smashing into the back of the house.  Graham says those cans were originally in the front of the house.  Part of the roof was also blown off.
The Graham's estimate that their house sustained about $20,000 in damages.

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