Police investigate several cases of slashed tires in Lafayette

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LAFAYETTE, Ind. (Jan. 11, 2016) – Lafayette police are investigating several instances of vandalism from overnight.

According to police, someone slashed the tires of several vehicles. Police said the incidents started on the north side of town, but they later received reports of slashed tires in the middle part of town (south of South Street and west of 18th Street).

"By noon today we had over 100 calls regarding damaged vehicles. All with slashed tires," said Lt. Brian Gossard.

A-One Auto Sales was hit the hardest. The owner arrived to find his entire inventory had one or more tires slashed.

"And I pulled up about in here and I noticed a tire was down on this Suburban. And I park the car, went in the office and turned everything on. Come back out and then I saw the devastation," said owner John Goodman.

Goodman says insurance won't cover the cost of the damage on the 18 vehicles.

One neighbor was able to catch a few suspicious images on a home video surveillance system.

Police are asking anyone who was affected by the vandalism to file a report so investigators can get an accurate track on the number of incidents.

Police say although criminal mischief is a misdemeanor the charges could stack up if these suspects are caught given the amount of vehicles that were damaged.