Man’s Amazon Kindle order ends up in tumor delivery instead

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(Jan. 12, 2016) – That certainly wasn’t what James Potten expected to find when he opened a box that was supposed to contain a new Amazon Kindle.

Instead, Potten found a tumor inside the box! Potten received the package over the weekend expecting it to be the electronic device he’d ordered. Instead, he noticed the words “patient tumor – specimen enclosed” when he opened the box from FedEx.

He told the BBC he “had quite a shock” upon making the discovery. The package was supposed to go to the Royal Free Hospital in London and was delivered by mistake to Potten’s home in Bristol. The shipping company acknowledged the error and picked up the specimen so it could be delivered to the right place.

Potten said the two shipments had similar tracking numbers, which he believes may have led to the delivery mistake (which he dubbed #FedExFail on Twitter).

Potten did eventually get the Kindle he ordered, tweeting a photo of it Monday with the hashtag #thatsmykindle.