Video catches man stealing snake by sticking it down his pants

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PORTLAND, Ore. (Jan. 12, 2016) — A thief tried to steal a snake by stuffing it down his pants–and the theft was caught on camera.

Store owner Christin Bjugan takes care of everything from birds to lizards at “A to Z Pets” in Portland, Ore. She said she was shocked to learn a $200 python had disappeared from the store on Friday. Bjugan spent much of Saturday going through surveillance video, according to KPTV.

“There are cameras everywhere, and you’d think that people would see him,” Bjugan said.

Then she spotted the snake thief on camera. Video shows the man reaching into the snake’s tank and then stuffing the reptile in his pants. He then waddles out of the store “trying to act like there’s not a snake in his pants.”

Bjugan said she’s seen the man in the store before. She believes a woman also spotted in surveillance footage helped him pull off the theft.

“He’s luck it wasn’t feeding day, feeding days are on Mondays, and they’re very hungry,” Bjugan said.

Bjugan hopes to find the two-foot python soon. If the suspect is found, she’d like to see charges filed against him.