Dog found malnourished, locked in the trunk of a repossessed car

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CLINTON COUNTY, Ind. (Jan. 15, 2016) – Repo the pit bull is a little younger than one year old. According to the staff at the Clinton County Humane Society, it’s a miracle, despite everything that he’s been through, that he still has a smile on his face.

Repo was found Friday in the trunk of an SUV parked outside a Frankfort apartment complex. He was locked in a crate filled with feces. When found, he was skin and bones.

“His rib bones were showing, back bone, hip bones were all protruding and he just didn’t look good,” said Jim Tate, the Director of the Clinton County Humane Society.

Tate thinks Repo was likely living in the truck for days. If you’re still wondering where he got his name, the car Repo was living in was repossessed on Friday. That’s when the crew taking the vehicle away heard his cries.

“There’s a real good chance the dog could’ve perished, especially the next couple days, we’re getting down to -6 coming up Sunday,” said Tate.

Repo’s white undercoat is stained yellow from being saturated in urine. When found, before treatment, intestinal parasites were preventing him from gaining any weight.

“When I first saw him I was kind of heartbroken and saddened by his condition. He was skin and bone basically,” said Jasmine Nelson, a caretaker with the Clinton County Humane Society.

But Repo has made a miraculous recovery. In one week, he’s gained seven pounds and is slowly returning to his normal self.

“He still has no animosity towards people, he’s still no matter how bad they treat him he still loves people,” said Tate.

The Clinton County Humane Society will be Repo’s home for the foreseeable future until the Clinton County Prosecutor decides to file charges on his owner.

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