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Plainfield parents want answers about violent, cyber threats

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PLAINFIELD, Ind. (January 15, 2016)- There was an agenda set for the Plainfield School Board meeting, but all parents cared about was one issue: the violent, online threats targeting their children and community.

“It’s terrifying,” explains Scott Chittenden, who has a daughter at Plainfield High School.

Even though school board officials made it known that they didn’t have a lot of answers about the investigation, parents still had a lot of questions.

“For parents, having to send their kids to school it’s very frustrating, not to know what’s going on,” explains Scott Chittenden.

Violent and graphic online threats started showing up last month.  Some Facebook posts specifically named high school students.  In response, all the schools in the district shut down as a precaution just before winter break. Some parents are still refusing to send their kids back to school.

“Personally, up to this point, I have not let my children go back to school and we’ve made the decision to home school,” explains Kyle Ann Cadwell, a Plainfield parent.

The threatening posts even targeted and ended up evacuating nearby stores and movie theaters.

“I think it’s someone playing behind a computer at this point but not knowing is still scary,” explains Jill Chittenden.

Investigators are still searching for whomever that someone is.

“My thing is, we can catch terrorists but we can’t catch someone doing this?” explains Scott Chittenden.

Earlier this month, federal agents and local law enforcement officers served search warrants on at least two different locations.  Sources tell FOX 59, three people were taken in for questioning. Authorities have remained tight-lipped about what evidence or arrests resulted from the investigation.

“We need to hear something from somebody that knows what’s happening, that’s all we want,” explains Scott Chittenden.

Next week there is a community forum which will focus on the online threat investigation. Plainfield town officials, state police, Plainfield police, and the FBI will be at the meeting. Media has been asked to not bring cameras or recording devices into the meeting, per FBI orders.

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