“Your Town Friday” visits Lebanon

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“Your Town Friday” is hitting the road this Friday morning and we’re heading up to Lebanon!  You’ll find the Boone County City 27 miles northwest of downtown Indy.

Right now we’re taking you to a historic home that offers a glimpse at what Lebanon was like back in the 19th century.

“The house was built in 1893 by Strange Cragun.  He was the Lebanon school superintendent as well as the editor of the Lebanon Patriot Newspaper which was the Republican newspaper at the time.  The family lived here for three generations and then turned the house over to the Historical Society in 1988,” said Jennifer Spall of the Boone County Historical Society.

When the Boone County Historical Society acquired The Cragun House they wanted to share it with the public.  When the family moved out they left almost everything behind.

“We’ve done extensive renovations.  As the family moved through the house they kept it up with the times.  We tried to put it back to how it was when they first lived here so we’ve done a lot of carpets, wallpaper, put some wood work back, a lot of stuff like that.  We have a ton of hats from the period which was interesting.  We have a lot of old silverware, dishes, clothing, all sorts of things,” said Jennifer.

You can tour the home for just three dollars and you can even rent it out for special events.

“We’ve kept this house open because it’s one of the original houses in the area.  It was one of the important families at the time and it’s a nice thing for people to see how people lived in Lebanon back then.  You can rent if for wedding showers, baby showers, weddings, anniversary parties, really anything as long as it’s about 35 people or less,” said Jennifer.

The Boone County Jail right in the downtown square has sat empty for quite a few years now…until now!  It’s been around since the late 19th century but never before has it housed a restaurant and bar.

So imagine dining behind bars….you’ll be able to do just that very soon at the Boone County Jail.

“Where else can you go and eat in a jail and not be incarcerated?” said Janet Miller, General Manager of the new Boone County Jail restaurant.

Janet says the restaurant hasn’t opened yet.  Finishing touches are still being made but already hungry Hoosiers are getting excited!

“We’re looking at a very family friendly atmosphere so we’d like to keep it to where a family of 4 to 6 can come in and get a really good meal.  The menu hasn’t actually been set, but we’re leaning toward Italian and pub food as well and they’ll be able to get both on either side.  We’re trying to keep everything localized and trying to get everything from local farmers, like our meat, and trying to make it to where it’s a destination place.  It’s the Boone County Jail!  Who wouldn’t want to come and have that experience?

And downstairs Sean Stoller is getting ready to open the Boone County Jail Distillery.

“My family is in the liquor industry so that’s our background.  We don’t produce anything from grain to bottle so it seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity here at the Boone County Jail to make it fun with the brand names.  It’s not going to be just a vodka distillery or gin distillery, we’re going to do a little of everything and our goal here is to educate the consumer and everyday person on what they’re drinking when they do drink spirits.  Whether it be vodka, gin, whiskey or brandy, we want to help people understand the difference between a potato vodka, a corn vodka or a sugar cane vodka.  Everything we want to do is local, with local grain and locally sourced things, because there is so much potential in Lebanon in this downtown area.  So many people are trying to make it better.  It almost makes it easier, getting the business going, knowing that it is our main goal to better the downtown area whether it’s lunch or dinner,” said Sean.

Look for the Boone County Jail to open to patrons in the coming months!

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