Cincinnati wants to use human poop to fertilize farms

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Landwirt verteilt auf seinem Acker Dünger, Barnstedt, Niedersachsen, Deutschland, Europe. |Fertilization of a field in Barnstedt, Lower Saxony, Germany, Europe.|

CINCINNATI (January 17, 2016) — City officials in Cincinnati say they have an outstanding idea for human waste: use it as farm fertilizer.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports officials made the $65 million pitch last week. They say it’s the best, cheapest option for replacing the Little Miami waste incinerator, which no longer meets federal environmental standards.

The city’s other options include repairing the incinerator, hauling waste somewhere else or building a new facility. Mayor John Cranley says a study by the Metropolitan Sewer District found that all of those choices cost more — or are less environmentally sound — than building a facility that converts human waste to fertilizer.

Cranley says the city needs technology that benefits the environment and saves taxpayers’ money.

Hamilton County and federal regulators would have to approve the idea.