Indy band makes the best of being stuck in wintry mess

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (January 23, 2015) — Hundreds of motorists are stranded along Kentucky’s I-75 after a major snowstorm is hitting the eastern part of the country.

One group that’s stuck on the highway is Indianapolis band Endless Summer, who was on their way to a gig in Johnson City, TN.

Three hours into their ordeal, the band posted a video of member Jay playing  “Let it snow” on a saxophone while walking on the interstate, surrounded by cars who’ve come to a standstill:


About five hours after that, the band posted another video, this a new take on an old classic:

Almost a day after their initial social media post,  the band members seem to be in good spirits, however they, and all the other people stuck in the snow, are running low on fuel and food. They are, however, making new friends:

Help’s hopefully on the way though – local authorities, along with the National Guard have been assisting motorists. Now they just need to get to Endless Summer.



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