1,000 show up to statehouse rally in support of school choice

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 25, 2016) – More than 1,000 people expressed their support Monday inside the Indiana statehouse for choosing where to send their son or daughter to school.

It’s National School Choice Week. There are thousands of events going on around the country, including in Indiana, supporting the idea that your income and your zip code should not determine where your kids can go to school.

“Your school, your choice!” shouted supporters during a school choice rally in the atrium of the statehouse Monday.

“Would you join me in thanking all the members of the Indiana General Assembly who have stood by education reform for now more than a decade, give them a big round of applause, they need to hear you upstairs,” said Governor Mike Pence (R – Indiana), speaking to the crowd.

Pence giving a big pat on the back to Indiana lawmakers, who, over the last several years, have passed measures making Indiana one of the leading states for choosing where your children go to school.

“If that school isn’t going to benefit your child, you can send them to wherever you want to and I think that’s how the future should be,” said Indianapolis parent Linda Trimble.

Trimble was among the 1,000 people at the statehouse Monday expressing support for school choice. She lives in an IPS district, but because of Indiana voucher programs, she’s able to send her son to a private school. A school she says is a better fit.

“I honestly, truly don’t believe he would get the best quality education if I sent him to the school across the street versus where he’s at now,” she said.

“If we want to do what we know is right, then the path is clear and there’s no compromise possible,” said Campbell Brown.

Brown is a former network news anchor and has since turned into a school choice advocate. She is the founder of her own education organization and was a featured speaker at Monday’s rally. In Indiana,

In 2015, Indiana saw the largest enrollment into the state’s private school voucher program and the most funding for public charter schools in state history.

“We need to modernize our schools and prepare our kids for the next century ahead and I’m so excited that in Indiana you have school choice in the way that you do, many other states don’t,” said Brown.

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma (R – Indianapolis) was scheduled to testify in front of a congressional committee this week about Indiana’s success with public charter schools and the state’s voucher program, weather in the capital though postponed that trip.