Delaware County bomb squad detonates suspicious device found under park bench

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MUNCIE, Ind. (January 25, 2016) – The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad detonated a suspicious device found under a park bench in Muncie on Monday afternoon.

A call to Delaware County 911 was received just before 4:30 p.m. from a man who was walking along White River Boulevard. The man told dispatchers a device was under a park bench and looked like small cell phone. Deputies said the device was black and had wires hanging from it, but it was not a cell phone. The device was reportedly making a beeping sound.

The bomb squad arrived on scene with K-9’s trained to sniff out bombs. A robot was brought to the scene to get a closer look at the device.

The robot attempted to charge the device to detonate and deactivate it. The charge did not work. Delaware County Sheriff’s Office Cpl. Kurt Walthour put on a special bomb squad suit and approached the device.

“We go down with a disrupter and disrupt it and it blows it into a bunch of pieces and render it safe. We went down and made sure there was no explosive parts or wires,” Walthour explained.

Using a wire, he was able to safely detonate the device. A loud explosion and sparks occurred during detonation to let deputies know the device was not active and it was safe to approach.

Sheriff Ray Dudley said the bomb squad technicians are still looking into what the device was. There’s no threat for public safety.

“When it’s called in, and a place like this, a public area like this, we go check it out no matter what,” said Walthour.