Heinz wins over fans with wiener dog stampede Super Bowl commercial

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(February 2, 2016) – Everyone loves a weiner dog dressed up as a hot dog. And if you have a hot dog, you need condiments to go with it. So Heinz decided to pair the two ideas and create the most adorable Super Bowl commercial we’ve seen this year!

The commercial features a stampede of weiner dogs running across a field to a family dressed up as Heinz condiments while the song “Without You” by Harry Nilson plays in the background.

The caption on the YouTube video says: “There comes a time in every wiener dog’s life when you look in the full length doggy mirror and ask yourself, am I going to be a plain old boring hot dog forever? Or am I going to jump this rusty chain link fence and join the rest of the wieners in an epic stampede across the globe to seek out the most amazing tasting collection of Heinz Ketchups, so that I can be the best hot dog I can be? And that moment is a defining one, for every wiener dog. These little wieners chose wisely to Meet the Ketchups. Wiener.”

This ad is part of a new campaign by Heinz called “Meet the Ketchups.” The ad will air during the third quarter of the Super Bowl.