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Nearly 500 pounds of marijuana seized from semi driver at Fishers Walmart

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FISHERS, Ind. (Feb. 2, 2016) — On Tuesday morning, police in Fishers seized nearly 500 pounds of marijuana from a semi trailer at a Walmart parking lot off 96th street near I-69.

Several pallets of cargo sat unloaded at the back of the semi, after a Fishers police officer on patrol overnight thought the truck looked suspicious and confronted the driver.

”He made contact with two males inside the vehicle and spoke with them and he became concerned there was something else going on here and called one of our K-9 units,” said Fishers Police Department Sgt. Tom Weger.

Police say the K-9 then found drugs mixed with some of the cargo.

The man who manages the trucking company is frustrated one of their drivers may have broken the law.

“The last three times we’ve gotten calls like this, our guys are loaded with something, you know what I mean. It seems to be like a trend out here,” said the manager.

The semi-trailer belongs to a company called Desert Coastal Transport in California.

A manager with the company said the driver is an independent contacted carrier, but made no excuses for the alleged drug trafficking.

“This is not the first time that’s happened man. These guys are a bunch of idiots,” said the manager.

By mid-day, another semi showed up to haul away some the evidence and cargo.

The trucking company manager was clearly upset because this isn`t the first time a driver has gotten one of their semis seized.

“It’s happened to us twice already and you know it sucks because we do background checks and we do an extreme background check. This is just bull****,” said the manager.

“I’m not surprised,” said Marie Holt.

Holt works near the Walmart and sees lots of truck drivers use the parking lot as a rest stop. She says that, combined with being locating so close to I-69, has led to crime in the area.

“Something’s going on here and it needs to be stopped,” said Holt.

“Obviously illegal narcotics are in every community in our country. Part of our job is to locate those narcotics and the people that are transporting them through our city,” said Sgt. Weger.

Police say the two suspects have been detained, but have not been formally arrested.

The trucking company said only one driver was assigned to the truck.