Risk for strong storms comes amid a winter of wacky weather in central Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 2, 2016)-- Risks for severe weather in the winter in Indiana are quite rare, but The Weather Authority said regardless of the season you and your family should be prepared.

It was December 23, just two days before Christmas, when abnormal winter tornadoes touched down in central Indiana. One in Greenwood damaged homes and peeled the roof off an animal hospital. The path was about a mile.

The other tornado hit Noblesville, damaging more homes near 161st and Seminole.

Tuesday night central Indiana is expected to get thunderstorms, heavy rain, and gusty winds.

“Keep in mind this is a slight risk, but it’s unusual for early February,” said The Weather Authority meteorologist Jim O’Brien.

He said there’s a reason for the warmer air and stronger storms this winter.

“This is kind of a hybrid El Niño. Storm tracks have set up a bit differently. The cold air has not been placed where we thought it would be placed in some locations,” he said.

O’Brien reminds us, even in the winter months, to have a plan for severe weather. It is a message the American Red Cross echoes year-round.

“We mostly think of tornadoes and stormy weather in the spring, and it can happen any time of the year in Indiana,” said Ann Gregson, with the American Red Cross, “It’s really just common-sense preparedness year-round.”

She said you should always know where you and your family can seek shelter, have your cell phones charged, and keep an emergency kit packed.

As for more snow and cold, Jim said hold on, because we aren’t done with winter just yet.

“The season is lagging a bit. It’s been unusually warm, our 11th warmest winter on record so far, but we still have time for a couple more cold blasts or one decent snow to move those totals back up,” he said.