“Your Town Friday” heads to Broad Ripple!

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During the month of February, “Your Town Friday” is back to featuring Indy neighborhoods!  This morning we’re heading over to Broad Ripple.  We are visiting a newer place along the strip that is all about the dudes.

“We’re just a two-chair barber shop and we have a large selection of men’s goods and gifts.  We really just wanted a space that we could hang out in and get our haircut, have fun and enjoy some of the things that we use on other people in Indy,” said co-owner of Warfleigh Barber Supply & Co, Matt Jones.

Matt Jones and Cody Potter opened Warfleigh Barber & Supply Co. in March of last year.  Matt always wanted to open a gift shop and Cody wanted a barber shop, so they found a small space along Broad Ripple Avenue and merged the two ideas.

Cody does the cutting….

“I think we have a warm inviting atmosphere, the music is good, the conversation is good and we offer a little different of an experience than your normal Super Cuts or something like that,” said Matt.

Matt makes sure the shelves are stocked with great unique products for men!

“Almost all of these products, we find ourselves.  They are things that we use and we trust.  A lot of them come from abroad.  We have a lot of Italian dental care, soaps, locally made products, beard oils and all of our pomades, we have over 20 different styles of pomade for every kind of hair and they’re all hand- picked by us.  They’re all products we trust.  I think men’s grooming is starting to pick up again.  Guys are starting to be more interested in their appearance and the products they use and I think that there have been a lot of lines that come out specifically for men which is new as a lot of cosmetic lines are geared towards women, so it’s nice to have some companies pick-up and start making stuff that is especially for guys.  I think that’s helping fuel a new want and need for guys to come in and get services from barber shops,” said Matt.

Warfleigh is walk-ins only.  Once a month they do a pop-up shop at The Pattern Workshop downtown off Mass Ave.

In the heart of Broad Ripple Village you’ll find a number of unique stores and businesses.  One is off Guilford Avenue and it has called Broad Ripple home for 45 years now!

“We have tons of organic natural foods, bulk offerings and high quality supplements.  We sell Birkenstocks and Earth Shoes upstairs and then we’re really known for our bulk herb and spice collection.  We have essential oils so a lot of people come in and they want to make things, especially in the natural beauty line , I’d say those are our biggest things right now,” said Rudy Nehrling, President of the Good Earth Natural Food Company.

The Good Earth Natural Food Company opened back in 1971.  It started as a small business off Guilford Avenue in Broad Ripple selling items like honey, whole wheat bread, granola and the basics.

“Then in 1974 my father-in-law took over and for the next 36 years he expanded and brought organic produce into Indiana.  He had it flown in from California.  He brought in Earth Shoes and Birkenstocks and started physically expanding the store.  It’s an old Victorian house built in the late 1800’s right in Broad Ripple and really over the years we have expanded and brought in products that customers are asking us to get,” said Rudy.

Rudy says they only carry high quality supplements and foods.

“We don’t allow GMO’s or things that are synthetic, those sorts of things.  It’s all high quality and we discount everything and make everything somewhat affordable.  Since we’re a small store we don’t have gobs of overhead and a corporate office so we can offer at the lowest price as possible and we have an exceptional, very knowledgeable staff here that is willing to go above and beyond,” said Rudy.

Rudy says if you’re not a believer of supplements, think about this: A supplement is called a supplement for a reason.  It’s all in the name!

“A supplement should be something to supplement a good diet and good healthy eating habits.  Maybe you’re not getting enough Omega-3 from the food you’re eating, maybe you don’t eat fish, you have an allergy to something, well then truly you are supplementing it.  I don’t think we should get all of our nutrition from pills, but it’s a good supplementary thing when you are lacking that nutrition from the food we’re eating,” said Rudy.

Good Earth also sells products online and every Wednesday and Saturday they produce a 30-minute community radio show that includes interviews about health, nutrition and body care.