Democrats to challenge candidacy of GOP Senate candidate Todd Young

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Todd Young

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 9, 2016)– With Eric Holcomb out of the race for Senate, two GOP candidates are left: Todd Young and Marlin Stutzman.

But now Indiana Democrats plan on filing a challenge to Young’s candidacy. They question whether he has enough valid signatures to be on the ballot. They’ll be looking to argue that some of those signatures might not be valid.

The Indiana Election Division says candidates must submit 500 validated signatures. The Indiana Democratic Party says Young’s campaign submitted 498. In a statement Tuesday night, Young’s campaign says they have met the requirements:

“Todd Young has clearly met the requirements to be listed on the ballot. Our campaign submitted more than enough ballot petition signatures in each congressional district. Further, clerks in all 92 counties verified the validity of those signatures. At this point, any attempt to disenfranchise voters would be unfortunate, underhanded and ultimately unsuccessful.”

Stutzman’s campaign manager Josh Kelley also issued a statement Tuesday:

“Todd Young’s inability to gather sufficient signatures is a real concern to countless Republicans our team has spoken with today. Todd Young’s team has seemed more focused on garnering establishment support in DC and raising money from corporate interests than in meeting with Hoosiers and engaging in a meaningful grassroots effort here in Indiana. Either Young is not focused, or he simply fails to connect with voters. Either way Young is not prepared to run a statewide campaign… Congressman Stutzman had the ground game to gather the most signatures statewide of any candidate in this race. Our team is hitting on all cylinders and ready to deliver in May and in November.”

The matter could go before the election board at a hearing on February 19.

Democrats planned to file their challenge Wednesday morning, after giving a press conference to discuss their concerns.