Local support grows for Joey + Rory Feek after Grammy nomination

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ALEXANDRIA, Ind. (February 15, 2016)- Every single day is a special day for Joey and Rory Feek. On Monday, the country music duo should’ve been in L.A. hearing their names called from the Grammy stage, instead the two watched it on TV, from Joey’s bedside.

Joey Feek is fighting a losing battle with cancer. The couple is spending her final days in her hometown of Alexandria.

“Oh it’s a small town, USA, always been. It’s just like a big family,” said Sherrie Day, a Joey + Rory fan.

Signs of support and prayers are all over the small town and Joey’s picture is on magazine covers at local restaurants.

“For a small town, we’ve had a couple of celebrities but nothing on Joey’s scale,” said Jim Wehsollek, a Joey + Rory fan.

In 2014, the couple had a baby girl named Indiana. That same year, Joey was diagnosed with cancer.

“They’re on her side. Everybody is on her side,” said Day.

The couple’s song “If I Needed You” was up for a Grammy. A few months after the nomination, the couple revealed Joey’s cancer is terminal and they stopped treatments.

“The whole situation is just so real and it’s devastating yet because of the Christian faith that they have, they are with whatever God’s will is,” said Cathy Wehsollek, a Joey + Rory fan.

Rory’s blog “This Life I Live” shares touching pictures and spells out special moments. The latest posting on Friday told fans that Joey wanted him to go to the Grammys. She even bought him a plane ticket. Rory refused, saying, “I can’t leave her. I won’t. I have done many foolish things and made lots of mistakes in my life, but this isn’t going to be one of them.”

Even though the couple didn’t win a Grammy, their songs will forever stay on the jukeboxes in Alexandria and Joey’s fans will forever consider her family.

“She’s one of ours, that’s how it is,” said Jim Wehsollek.

According to Rory’s blog, he mentions Joey had three goals for the week: releasing last Friday’s album, living to watch the Grammys, and seeing her daughter turn 2 years old. Indiana’s birthday is on Wednesday.

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