Local companies offer to hire Carrier employees who will soon lose their jobs

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 18, 2016) - Following the announcement that Carrier would be closing its west side Indianapolis plant, local companies have announced that they are looking to hire the 1,400 employees that work there.

“When you hear that many people are going to be jobless, you just naturally want to let them know, hey, we’re hiring,” said Katie Usher, the Vice President and COO of Cornerstone Support Services in Indianapolis.

Job openings are pouring in for 1,400 Carrier employees who will soon lose their jobs.

“We’re looking for fabricators, people who can fabricate steel, people with electrical talents,” said Mark Thomas, the CEO CraneWerks in Morristown.

Hoosiers are hiring. Usher knew of ten job openings that could be filled immediately.

“I know plenty of people that work in this industry that came from manufacturing,” she said.

The jobs, more along the lines of social work, Usher says can be filled by someone coming from any background, including manufacturing. All that’s required, she says, is a willingness to work.

“When you’ve got people who’ve been at a company for so long, you’ve got loyalty, you know they’re hard working,” said Usher.

On the factory floor of CraneWerks in Morristown, they’re welcoming Carrier employees with open arms as well.

“Nobody from Carrier should lose hope because there’s going to be a lot of new opportunities and I know it’s going to be hard for them to bridge the gap between being unemployed and new jobs but there’s lots of jobs coming to Indiana,” said Thomas.

Thomas has eight positions open at his Morristown factory. That’s a fraction of 1,400 but he knew after last week’s devastating announcement, there would be Hoosiers looking for help.

“I have a very fond relationship with all of the folks I work with here and anytime we would have to go through a layoff it’s always hard on people, upper management as well,” he said.

“Because of corporate greed, there’s nothing we can do,” said Chuck Jones, Local President of the United Steel Workers 1999.

After what was one of the hardest weeks ever for Jones and his members, there was a small sign of hope this week in companies, looking to hire.

“It’s been great to hear from companies that say hey, when we do some hiring, we’re going to see if we can place some of our members in those jobs,” he said.

Carrier’s announcement has gotten so much national attention, Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has said he will commit to coming to Indy to protest Carrier if his schedule allows it, according to Larry Cohen, Former president of International Communication Workers of America

For more information on job openings at CraneWerks, visit their website here. For opportunities at Cornerstone Support Services, visit their website here.