Long time state attraction ready for its 90th summer season

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MONTICELLO, Ind. (February 18, 2016) — One of the state’s longtime tourist attractions is getting ready for its 90th season with a refurbishment of their facilities that they hope will appeal to first time visitors and long time returnees.

Indiana Beach Amusement Resort, located on Lake Shafer in Monticello, will open their gates for their 90th season in late May and visitors will find an amusement park that has undergone a refurbishment from its rides to its campgrounds and everything in between.

The park was purchased by the Apex Park Group in September 2015, and according to Indiana Beach general manager John Collins, the agreement was to give the park a “face lift ” in time for the 90th year opening.

“We want to capture the newness of the park but still maintain that throwback feeling of good times that countless families grew up with in their childhood and with their families and friends.”

Collins says one of the highlights for this season will be the Giant Ferris wheel, which was torn down after last season and shipped back to the manufacturer for a complete makeover with new colors and decorations and a more modern look.


In addition, visitors will also find improvements on the roller coaster ride, the log ride as well as other rides throughout the park and they will also find newer lighting in the swimming, picnic, and parking areas.

Indiana Beach is set to open Memorial Day weekend and will stay open through Labor Day weekend.