Police arrest 9 people after drug raid in Henry County

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HENRY COUNTY, Ind. (Feb. 18, 2016) – Police arrested nine people as part of a drug raid in Henry County this week.

The Henry County Drug Task Force executed a search warrant on Monday at a home in the 300 block of Beyers Court after a six-month investigation into a drug and narcotics ring. When police announced themselves, three people left through the back of the home, including homeowner Shawn Moore, 42, who threw several plastic bags containing white pills as he fled. Police found six other people inside the residence.

Police soon took Moore into custody and found another bag of pills in his front waistband. Moore “immediately began shouting that everything in the residence was his and repeatedly stated this despite being told by numerous officers to be quiet,” court documents said.

In addition to Moore, police detained eight other people: Justin Adams, Mary Moore, Robert Lawson, Joshua Johnson, Melissa Stump, Saundra Lawson, Joshua Jessup and Karrissa Hurst.

A search of the residence turned up 462 tablets marked with “GG249” that appeared to be Alprazolam, a schedule IV controlled substance. Police also found six cell phones, a bag of synthetic marijuana, a bag containing residue that tested positive for methamphetamine and a Priority Mail package in which the 462 white tablets had been shipped.

Everyone except for Moore went to the Henry County Jail, while Moore was questioned about the narcotics. Moore said he bought the pills online and had them shipped to his home. He told police the tablets weren’t “real” but “may contain chemicals or powder which will get people high.”

According to court documents, Moore said he planned to trade 250 of the pills to someone in Indianapolis in exchange for a half-pound of synthetic marijuana. He then planned to sell the rest of the tablets, he told police.

Moore told investigators he had been selling illegal drugs but was more of “a connection” for people to get access to drugs, court documents said. He said he can obtain several drugs, including suboxone, methamphetamine and synthetic marijuana.

Moore was arrested on several charges, including dealing in a lookalike substance, maintaining a common nuisance, obstruction of justice, possession of paraphernalia and possession of synthetic cannibinoids.

Mary Moore, 61, was arrested on charges of maintaining a common nuisance and possession of methamphetamine.

The other seven were arrested on a charge of visiting a common nuisance.