Visit Indy hopes to create beach along White River

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 18, 2016)-- Visit Indy wants to attract more visitors to Indianapolis and more people to downtown by creating a beach along White River.

The idea came out of months of research, said Visit Indy spokesman Chris Gahl. The tourism agency is eyeing the area around 16 Tech, the old GM Stamping Plant, and part of the White River State Park.


“People are attracted to water,” said Gahl. "People gravitate towards the beauty and the calmness and the peace of bodies of water.”

Gahl said the White River beach would look similar to the beach in Paris along the Seine River with restaurants, shops, kayaking, and possibly even dinner cruises.

The development would be paid for by private and public funds. First, though, Gahl said Visit Indy would need to address the cleanliness of the river.

"In 2016 into '17, we’ll look to partner with state and city officials-- those who are specialists in the cleanliness and navigation of rivers and waterways. You know, what’s even dream-able?” said Gahl.

If everything goes well, there could be a beach open to the public by 2017.