Wind advisory for Friday, gusts could reach 50 mph; 2016’s warmest on the way

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Hold on to those hats, strong winds will blow and carry the warmest of 2016 with it to central Indiana.
A wind advisory has been issued for almost the entire state from 7 AM to 7 PM Friday.  Over 2 dozen states are under some for of wind advisory.  High wind warnings, watches and advisories extend from Oregon to Ohio. Gusts could reach 50 mph Friday afternoon.
DMA Wind Advisory
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It's a perfect set up for strong winds. The jet stream roars over the Rockies blow off the Pacific ocean, The winds race down the front range of the Rockies, compressing and warming then fanning out and spreading east. The flat flow of the jet stream carries the warmth into central Indiana, temperatures surge Friday.
Regional 18z RPM 4km-12km 72hr PRESSURE LINES
Spring fever will run rampant with April level warmth arriving. This will be the warmest since just before Christmas. Afternoon high temperature normally arrive around the 15th of April. This level warmth is three weeks earlier than last year.
Spring-like warmth
Turning cooler Sunday with a better chance of showers and we will get back to a more seasonal chill starting next week.  Showers are most likely to arrive near sunrise Sunday.  The added cloud cover and a wind shift will be the start of a cool off.
Canadian model 7 AM Sunday

Canadian model 7 AM Sunday