Cedar Point offering new attractions, will close 3 rides ahead of 2016 season

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SANDUSKY, Ohio (Feb. 22, 2016) – Visitors to Cedar Point will find some changes at the amusement park when it opens for the 2016 season.

The park is wrapping up work on its new roller coaster, Valravn, and will offer “Sunrise Thrill Tours” where guests can see what it takes to get rides ready in the morning. Visitors will learn about the technical side of rides and safety, and climb 223 feet to the top of the new coaster.

Cedar Point will also offer a Ride Warriors Club; members will get exclusive park access, private ride times, unique photo opportunities and other perks.

A restaurant called the “Frontier Inn” will open at the park and a new beverage station called “Coca-Cola Oasis” will be located near the main entrance. The park is also revamping two rides, the Raptor and Top Thrill Dragster roller coasters.

While those coasters receive new paint jobs, the park will remove some rides based on customer feedback. The Shoot the Rapids water ride, Skyscraper and Challenge Racing won’t return.

Cedar Point revealed the changes at Saturday’s “Winter Chill Out” event, which donates ticket sales to a local organization that helps families with children who are battling life-threatening illnesses.

Cedar Point will open on Saturday, May 7. Learn more at cedarpoint.com.

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