Indiana team signs flag ahead of 2016 Transplant Games of America

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 28, 2016) – Members of Team Indiana came together Sunday to celebrate the upcoming Transplant Games of America.

The team left its mark on the event’s flag at Second Presbyterian Church as part of a nationwide signing event. More than 40 participating teams will eventually sign the flag as it travels across the country.

The Transplant Games is a multi-sports festival celebrating organ donation. Transplant recipients and donors participate.

“I’m a live donor for my son, Joseph, and my wife, Tina, also had kidney transplant,” said Rob Gladish.

“When you wake up the day after you’ve had your transplant, you’ve had that surgery, it’s like, ‘I’m alive,’” said Gladish’s wife, Tina.

Cleveland, Ohio, will host the transplant games in June. More than 3,000 people are expected to participate in track and field events, swimming, cycling, bowling, basketball and other events.