New Castle man on sex offender registry arrested for lying about employment

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NEW CASTLE, Ind. (Feb. 29 , 2016) - A New Castle man, convicted of child molestation, is back behind bars after he lied about his employment location on the Indiana sex offender registry.

Samuel Steele is charged with unlawful employment near children by a sexual predator. Steele lists his employment as a tire shop on South Memorial Drive in New Castle. Instead, he was found working at The Rose City Bowl, right across the street from the tire store. Court records show the bowling alley is frequented by children and school groups.

Henry County Sheriff Ric McCorkle said his office was notified by New Castle Police officers who recognized Steele while he was working. Deputies tracked Steele down while he was at work and arrested him. Sheriff McCorkle said Steele was aware he is not allowed to work where children are present.

"I think it's one of those things where people think it's not gonna affect me. No one's gonna recognize me. In today's world, especially when it involves children, everyone's paying attention," Sheriff McCorkle said.

This is not the first time the bowling alley has had trouble with employing registered sex offenders. During the hiring process for another employee, Sheriff McCorkle said it was found that potential employee was a registered sex offender. That person left before being hired, according to the sheriff.

A manager at The Rose City Bowl did not want to comment or answer any questions. The manager also did not comment on their hiring process. Sheriff McCorkle said Rose City Bowl should do background checks and look into the sex offender registry before hiring employees who will likely be around children.

"You, me, anyone can find that out. I suggest we always check," Sheriff McCorkle said.

Henry County Sheriff's Deputies are constantly checking in on registered sex offenders.

"We do frequent checks on the sex offenders to make sure they are giving us the right information, make sure they’re not living within 1,000 feet of a school, church, daycare," the sheriff explained.

Sheriff McCorkle said he's "heard all the stories" when it comes to failing to register. He said sex offenders are required by law to provide an address that's not in a location where children may be.

"We never stop. It’s one of those situations where we check regularly. We want to make sure they are doing what they’re supposed to be doing and they are where they're supposed to be and not where they can’t be," Sheriff McCorkle said.

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