Police: Man brutally attacked girlfriend with steel-toed boots

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ind. (Feb. 29, 2016)- A woman is out of the hospital after police say her boyfriend brutally beat her.

John Bartlett, 26, is facing a list of felony charges, including battery and intimidation.

Lawrence County Sheriff’s officials were called out to a home where Bartlett’s girlfriend, Jessica Kenney, was staying to allegedly get away from him.

“They saw blood on the porch as soon as they arrived and they knew they had something pretty serious going on,” said Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham.

When investigators arrived on scene they found Kenney with a bloody, 7-inch gash to her head.  Kenney told officials her boyfriend kicked her in the head while he was wearing steel-toed boots. Kenney’s injuries were so severe she had to be flown to the hospital for emergency care.  We’re told she’s out of the hospital and is recovering.

Investigators say a friend that was at the home was the one that called 911 and may have saved Kenney’s life.

“Absolutely, if she had not called the police as he threatened her it could’ve turned out a lot worse,” said Sheriff Branham.

Sheriff Branham warns there is no excuse for anyone to go through this type of violence.

“I would encourage any woman or man for that matter who’s in a domestic relationship where abuse is happening to get help and get out of that situation,” said Sheriff Branham.

Officials say the couple’s 22-day-old baby was home during the attack.  Child Protective Services is involved.

Court papers reveal before taking off Bartlett said “super glue her head shut and the b***** will be just fine.”

Bartlett turned himself days after the attack.

“Why he decided to turn himself in I can’t say other than maybe public pressure we did have a social media campaign going that we were on the lookout for him,” said Sheriff Branham.

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