South side KFC robbery victim used to train employees on armed robbery situations

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 29, 2016) - IMPD is looking for three suspects after an armed robbery at a south side KFC where the suspects pistol whipped an employee and held several customer down at gun point.

"I felt the barrel of the gun at the back of my head and I was just praying, ‘Lord please! I don’t want to go this way,'" 71-year-old Louis Price said.

Price went to the KFC Sunday around 8 p.m. to get dinner for him and his family. While he was waiting for employees to finish his order, three armed men ambushed the store ordering Price to the ground.

"He told me to lay down on the floor and he had a gun at the back of my head," Price said. "And told me do not move and at that time I did not move.”

Price spent six years in the marines and after that he started a 40-year career with KFC. He retired in 2012, but before that he actually won an award in 2000 for his work training managers. Part of his training included how to handle an armed robbery situation.

“You do not want to excite or irritate anybody that has a gun at your face. You do whatever they tell you to do and live to see another day," Price said. "If they want you to cook some chicken we’re told to do that."

Price followed his training and so did the employees working at this KFC located at 903 E. Hanna Ave. The robbers got away with cash from the register, Price's wallet and his family's dinner.

"I was telling some friends of mine, 'the lord wasn’t ready for me last night and I’m glad I’m still here to tell my story,'” Price said. “After they were gone and the emotion of all that happening, I had to break down and cry a little bit after that, because all those feelings came out.”

Price said the robbers had only their eyes showing, but believes they were young adults based of their voices.

"For what terror they put us through and all of that, it baffles my mind for that little bit of money," he said. "And it’s really not going to put them on easy street. It’s not going to do anything to better their lives, but they certainly put all of our lives at risk.”

IMPD asks anyone with information about this crime to call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.

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