Bloomington cop receives national award for rescuing IU students during assault

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – A Bloomington police officer received the Congressional Badge of Bravery, Friday, for a 2014 incident where he rescued two IU students from a brutal attack.

Two men broke into a home near 12th and Indiana in the middle of the night and pointed a gun at two women sleeping inside. The men forced the women to perform sex acts and raped them. A third woman in the apartment heard noises and called 911 from inside her locked bedroom.

The crime was happening when Officer Bill Abram arrived on the scene. There was a brief shootout with the two suspects before Michael Deweese and Vaylan Glazebrook were arrested.

Chief Michael Diekhoff said Abram won the award out of hundreds of other candidates from across the country, because of how he handled himself throughout the entire ordeal.

“We reviewed body cam footage and radio traffic and he remained calm during the entire event,” said Diekhoff. “It was very dangerous and it was very traumatizing and frightening for the victims, but it’s nice to know that one of my officers responded and did what he was trained to do.”

In true hero fashion, Abram thanked his fellow officers who responded to the scene after him and took a moment to remembers the victims of the heinous crime.

“Every day we obviously think and worry about the females that were in that house and our thoughts and prayers are with them. Not just me and my wife, but our whole department worries a lot about them,” said Officer Abram as he accepted the award.

U.S. Senator Dan Coats and Joe Donnelly were on hand to give out the award.

“He didn’t know what he was going to face, but he went right through that door because he took an oath to protect the people of Bloomington,” said Senator Donnelly. “On behalf of our entire state, we want to thank you for saving these girls lives, for protecting the people of Bloomington, and for protecting all of us.”

Senator Coats added his thanks, “I think this act of bravery and the responsibility, the way you handled it, the way this department’s handled it, led to this award.”