Joey Feek’s family ‘holding on and letting go’ as singer remains in ‘deep sleep’

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UPDATE: Joey Feek has passed away. Read more here.

Original story:

ALEXANDRIA, Ind. (Mar. 4, 2016)– Hoosier native Joey Feek’s family continues to stay by the singer’s side as she remains in a “deep sleep.”

Her husband Rory Feek posted a photo Friday as she remains in hospice care in Alexandria.

The post reads, “…our oldest daughter Heidi by her mama’s side last night. Holding on and letting go.”

Joey, 40, has been battling cancer since May 2014, and last October she revealed her cancer was terminal.

The country music duo have been keeping track of their experiences in the blog “This Life I Live.” In the blog, Joey had previously said she had two goals: to live to see the Grammy’s and to live to see her daughter’s second birthday. Even though the duo didn’t win the Grammy, they said they were honored to be nominated.

Rory wrote in a blog post on Monday that Joey’s body was shutting down and she had gone into a “deep sleep.” Before going into the “deep sleep,” she told her daughter that she loved her and “mama will be watching over you.” Rory said Joey gave their daughter “one last kiss.”