‘Your Town Friday’ heads to Thorntown in Boone County

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THORNTOWN, Ind. (March 4, 2016) -- This week's "Your Town Friday" takes us to Thorntown in Boone County.

“We’re always excited to share the history of Thorntown.  We’re excited about the fountain, the basketball trophy and the Native American history room where we celebrate our first residents here,” said local history librarian and Thorntown Heritage Museum coordinator, Phyllis Myers.

In 1977 a Thorntown resident donated this historic home and the Thorntown Public Library decided to create and open the Thorntown Heritage Museum.

“Our artifacts tie into the history of Thorntown so it’s throughout the years.  The town was platted in 1830 so we would be representing 1830 on.  We have a military history room.  We have some Confederate money, we have an old surgeon’s kit, it’s a Civil War surgeon’s kit and a lot of swords and cannonballs.  The kitchen has the stove and the old ice box," said Phyillis.

"We’re working on a new church history room and we’re dedicating that at our Thorntown birthday party coming up.  We have a music room and one of the neat things is the instruments.  Many were donated to be played so we have the Thorntown Bluegrass Jammers that play at our ice cream social and many of the old instruments from our fiddlers group are displayed in the music room so people can actually come in and play those."

While the house is a museum today, over the years, it was used for many different things, like a hotel and a doctor’s office.

“The front room we use for the military room was her bedroom and at the time they used it as a hotel.  The front two rooms were a hotel.  She used the sewing room where we have our spinning wheel as a play room and later the music room and the future church history room were used as a doctor’s office, so the house has a lot of Thorntown history,” said Phyllis.

The museum is by appointment through the library and they have regular visitor hours during summer.  They also hold special programs every month.

You'll also find the Sugar Creek Art Center, which opened its doors on Aug. 1, 2005. Before the center opened, the building sat empty.

“Karen Wright had a vision.  She works at local framing shop and she said, 'I don’t want another building in another small town to go unused,' so she had this vision of a working artist’s studio and she got together and made it happen so what we’re standing in today is a result of all of her efforts.  It’s truly a working artist’s studio with classes and something for everybody,” said Harley Barta, board member at the Sugar Creek Art Center.

Harley Barta tells me the Sugar Creek Art Center is one of a kind here in Indiana.

“It’s an amazing space and you won’t see anything else like this in Indiana.  I think with a lot of small galleries closing now, because it’s hard to keep your doors open, its 19,000 square feet filled with art so you will not be disappointed,” said Harley.

She says it’s a space where you can see the artists in action--you can see where the magic happens--and all of art comes from Indiana artists!

“We have weavers and wood makers and print makers and painters, anything is art nowadays so we have a little bit of everything,” said Harley.

And they offer classes for both kids and adults!

The Sugar Creek Art Center is free and open to the public, there is a fee for the classes though!  The Art Center is always looking for donations as well.