Anderson woman admits to using drugs; says she’s innocent of neglect

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Mug shot of Elenor Carmany

ANDERSON, Ind. (March 10, 2016) – An Anderson woman is behind bars for allegedly neglecting her mother. The woman admits to being a drug user, but she says she shouldn’t be charged with neglect of a dependent.

Elenor Carmany was arrested Wednesday on charges of neglect of a dependent, maintaining a common nuisance, and possession of a syringe. Police began their investigation late February when neighbors complained of constant activity in and out of the house on Lincoln Street. Neighbors were concerned for the well-being of Carmany’s elderly mother who has Alzheimer’s.

In January, the elderly woman was brought to the hospital with visible injuries. Carmany said a man went inside their home and beat up her mother and sister. She said she does not know who the man is and claims she didn’t know why he was there.

Carmany spoke to FOX59 Thursday while behind bars in Madison County. She admitted she is a heroin user and she was currently detoxing. When asked if she feels she cared for her mother in a proper manner, Carmany responded, “yes.”

During a search of the home, police found a syringe in Carmany’s closet. Court records state police also found a safe with 40 pre-loaded syringes, three digital scales, four spoons with residue, several rubber tie off straps, several small plastic bags, one package of sandwich bags, one pill crushing device, five red capsules which were identified as Lyrica 100 MG (a schedule five controlled substance), one handheld mirror with residue, two brillo pads, one glass pipe with residue, and other miscellaneous items.

Carmany stated she regrets getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. She said she wishes she never tried heroin, but she says she did because she has other health ailments and needed something to help the pain. While she admits she wishes she could change things, she said she knows she took care of her mother the best she could.

“I was taking care of my mom. I wasn’t that high. I was taking care of my mother,” Carmany said.

Anderson Police said the case is still under investigation.