Families say their meeting with new police chief is progress

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 10, 2016) – New Police Chief Troy Riggs met with families of murder victims shortly after he took over as chief.  He listened to their concerns, answered their questions, and addressed the information they gave us to turn over to detectives

Chief Riggs also laid out his plan and you're already seeing it starting to take shape.  “ We want to do more than just solve a crime, we want to get their lives back together,” Riggs said.  That is the genesis of a new collaboration with IMPD, the Mayor's office and service organizations. It’s all about community.

Also, you just saw the partnership with Gleaners and IMPD announced last week. It’s a plan to get food to areas where people are hungry. Soon to come, more resources will be available to people who need jobs, educational development, and mental health services.

Part of that plan is also the chief’s new crime data resource center. He says, “As a police we're looking at data and looking at citizens struggling the most because of crime issues.”

Next:  Community involvement.  We were the only station there when Chief Riggs brought in community leaders and residents to help select officers to fill leadership positions within IMPD

These are the first big steps in Chief Riggs’ plan. Families who walked in hurt and disappointed walked out of that meeting more encouraged and hopeful.

One concerned resident said, “I appreciate you giving us the opportunity to meet the chief and voice our opinions. That's a very positive step and we do appreciate that. If we can change the environment and put better things around them, then maybe the outcome will be better for the kids.”

One of the biggest steps forward that came out of the conversation between the chief and families is the need to follow up with families, thus allowing detectives more time to work cases. Chief Riggs added a third assistant chief who focuses solely on families and homicides. That chief, Randy Taylor meets with families of murder victims, identifies their needs and stays in contact.

The chief also says detectives will improve communications with community leaders like Rev. Harrison and other leaders in the neighborhoods.

If you have information on any crime or unsolved murder call Asst. Chief Randy Taylor at 317-327-3436.