Indy mom, pregnant teen arrested for allegedly attacking girl in Arlington High School

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 10, 2016) – A dad describes the terrifying moments when he says his teenage daughter was beaten up inside of Arlington High School.

“She seen shadows standing over her and she looked up and seen the lady, and that is when it all took place,” says Clifton McReynolds.

According to police eight people including a mother, Tricia Gunn, rushed through the hallways of Arlington High School on Tuesday. Officers say the group was on a mission to beat up a student who was in gym class. That student was Clifton McReynolds daughter. McReynolds spoke exclusively with us about what he calls a vicious attack.

“She could not defend herself if she was already lying on the ground. She said that some grown lady just came up and fought her,” says McReynolds.

Police say at least 20 people were punching, stomping, and kicking each other in the gym. Officers sprayed mace into the crowd and arrested eight people including a 15-year-old girl who was seven months pregnant, six other teens, and Gunn.

“They had each other’s hair and they were punching each other. I did not touch that girl at all. Not one time,” says Gunn.

Gunn did tell us she was fed up with her own daughter being targeted after an incident in the school cafeteria.

“Over some juice being spilled and my daughter just replying with whoever poured the juice on me…I’m going to beat their a**,” says Gunn.

Despite her arrest, Gunn claims she never threw a punch. That it was just two teens fighting.